I believe that jewellery is a personal and emotional thing, whether it’s wedding rings, remodelling of inherited jewellery or a gift for you, so the bespoke design process should be a pleasure, simple and enjoyable from the initial design consultation through to the creation of your perfect piece of jewellery. As I am both designer and maker I know about every stage of the journey and can keep you updated as much or as little as you want, there is no middle man.

Stage One

Initial design consultation
I would love to meet  you to discuss your bespoke jewellery requirements, I am happy to come to your home, or meet you somewhere. If you have some images of items, styles, stones or materials this can help to show me what kind of thing you are looking for, a place to start. If we are unable to meet then an email with as much information in as possible, for example item, metal, stones, budget, means I can do some research before getting back to you via email or phone to discuss your requirements further. 

Stage Two

Once we have decided on the design brief, sit back and relax while I take away all the information and work on designs, sketches and ideas which I can e mail over to you to view at your leisure or we can meet again to discuss. Depending on the brief I will supply 4-6 design ideas along with prices and timescale. I am happy to rework any designs that are not quite perfect for you, whether it be materials, design or budget. I can also show you any stones, finishes or samples from which to choose. 

Stage Three

Once the design and materials have been finalised I will then make your beautiful piece by hand in my workshop. I will take a 50% deposit once you have proceeded the work, the rest to be paid on completion. I am happy to discuss how the piece will be made and can keep you updated on its progress with photos if you would like. The piece will then be hallmarked if required, photographed and packaged, I can then deliver to you or post to an address of your choice. I look forward to working with you to create beautiful jewellery that is personal, unique and full of wonderful memories. 

“Highly recommend this business especially when looking for that one off bespoke piece of jewellery. Have used them before and will use them again, very high standard and the attention to detail is exceptional.”

Cliff — Happy Customer

See our Collections

All of our jewellery is lovingly designed and made  for you in our studio. View our collections – you will find something for all tastes and budgets.

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