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A Glimpse Into How It’s Done

Bespoke Jewellery Design

I want to show you all how I make each of my signature cutout pieces and how much love and attention goes into each one.

Once the design and dimensions are confirmed, the image is printed or drawn onto paper which is then super glued onto a piece of Sterling Silver sheet. This includes the jump rings which will have the chain attached to them, as this will reduce any fire stain that can occur when heating silver.

Each of the sections that are to be cutout have a hole drilled, big enough for the tiny saw blade to go through.

The centre sections are pierced out first, it is easier to hold onto the larger piece of metal.Then the outline is cut round to reveal the finished shape. The edges are filed to smooth them and to neaten up any of the cutout sections.

The piece is stamped with the makers mark and 925 silver stamp. Sterling silver is not required to be hallmarked unless it weighs more than 7.78g, if the piece is heavier then it is sent to Birmingham Assay Office for hallmarking once it is finished.

The surface is papered over with wet and dry buff paper to prepare it for polishing.

“To ensure that all edges receive some attention the whole piece is gone over with a satinising wheel that can get into the areas that other polishing wheels cannot reach.”

The edges and surface are polished over with Tripoli polishing compound to remove any scratches or marks.

The chain is added with tiny jump rings and soldered to secure.

“Different chain lengths, pendant attachment options, sizes and metals are available, as each piece is designed and made by hand, the possibilities are endless”

After going over the jump rings with Tripoli the whole piece is given a final polish to a high shine.

And it's ready to go!

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