Weird & Wonderful

Jewellery is always personal but sometimes I am asked to make something that is uniquely personal in an unusual way.  It can be used to create or evoke memories, cement a private joke or remember loved ones. Whatever you want it to say, get in touch and see how I can help. I love a challenge!

Sterling silver, resin and sand necklace

18ct yellow gold and synthetic ruby lips ring

Sterling silver and rough diamond stud earrings

Sterling silver and 9ct rose gold crying heart necklace (customers own design)

Sterling silver and tanzanite Africa necklace

Sterling silver croissant keyring

Sterling silver chestahedron necklace

Titanium plate, 9ct red gold, copper,black diamond, citrine and pink tourmaline pendant

Titanium plate, 9ct red gold, copper,black diamond, citrine and pink tourmaline pendant

Sterling silver and seaglass charm bangle

Sterling silver and heart shaped seaglass necklace

18ct yellow gold secret compartment pineapple necklace

Sterling silver personalised thumb ring

Sterling silver and large freshwater pearl drop earrings

Amazing service, beautiful rings and no one else has the same. Clare was so patient, knowledgeable and helpful. Flexible appointments and I was able to include some of the gold from my mums rings in my wedding and engagement ring. The choice of parti sapphires that Clare sourced for me to choose from was great. We would wholeheartedly recommend.

Paula — Happy Customer

Looking for something unique?

You won't find mass-produced, high-street pieces here. We design and create unique jewellery tailored to you. If you have something in mind get in touch to discuss how we can make truly special jewellery just for you.

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