Wedding and Engagement 

After more than 15 years working in the jewellery trade, there aren’t many styles of engagement or wedding ring that I haven’t seen or made! Together, we can come up with your perfect design, whether it is traditional, unique or totally out-there. Choose your stone, your metal and your finish, all to create rings you will wear and love for the rest of your life. I also create jewellery to compliment your wedding oufit and your wedding party’s outfits  – the perfect gifts to say thank you for being part of your special day.

18ct yellow gold, platinum diamond and sapphire wedding jewellery set

Sterling silver and white sapphire twist engagement ring

18ct yellow gold wedding ring made from an original ring and some new metal

Sterling silver and 9ct red gold wedding rings

Sterling silver fitted wedding band with CZ, to fit with wave engagament ring

Palladium two tone carved wedding ring

Rose gold and diamond ring

9ct white gold wedding ring with engraving

Sterling silver and cz forget me not bridesmaids necklaces

Sterling silver and pearl earrings

9ct yellow gold and diamond necklace

18ct white gold, pink sapphire and diamond shaped wedding ring and tungsten gents wedding ring

18ct yellow gold and citrine engagament ring

18ct yellow gold and palladium wedding rings

Black zirconium wedding ring

9ct yellow gold hammered wedding ring

Platinum and diamond engagement, wedding and eternity ring set

18ct white gold emerald and diamond cluster ring.

Platinum and black zirconium wedding ring

9ct white gold and morganite engagement ring

Clare is a fabulous goldsmith, she made my wedding ring to fit around my engagement ring. Clare designed it and included some stones which belonged to my grandmother's ring and added an extra pink stone which matched my colour theme. Once my children were born I returned to Clare to have her change some of the stones for the birthstones of my children, myself and. My husband. I now am the proud owner or a completely bespoke ring which has wonderful memories. I would recommend Clare to anyone. Her attention to detail and her customer service is amazing

Vicky — Happy Customer

Looking for something unique?

You won't find mass-produced, high-street pieces here. We design and create unique jewellery tailored to you. If you have something in mind get in touch to discuss how we can make truly special jewellery just for you.

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