Jewellery Remodelling

One of the things I get asked to do a lot, and I love doing, is remodelling old jewellery into new, whether it’s inherited, sentimental pieces handed down, full of memories but not your style, broken jewellery that needs a new lease of life or just a redesign to suit your lifestyle, jewellery is magical in that it can be reworked whilst protecting the memories and feelings. Get in touch and we can work together to create jewellery designed for you.

Remodelled sterling silver and 9ct yellow gold circles bangle

Remodelled 9ct yellow gold signet ring with engraving

Remodelled Stelring silver, 18ct yellow gold, blue zircon and sapphire ring

Remodelled silver initial pendant

Remodelled silver and cabochon moonstone ring

Remodelled 9ct yellow gold and multi stone ring

Remodelled yellow gold and ruby rose necklace

Remodelled 9ct yellow gold d shape bangle

Remodelled 9ct yellow gold torque bangle

Remodelled 18ct yellow gold and diamond ring (2)

Remodelled 18ct yellow gold and diamond three ring family pendant

Remodelled 18ct yellow and white gold, emerald and diamond ring

Remodelled 9ct yellow gold hinged bangle 

I had a wonderful experience with Across the Courtyard. I commissioned Clare to remodel my engagement ring with gold from a childhood signet ring, and the result was absolutely beautiful and exceeded all my expectations! Clare was friendly and responsive and really cared about getting everything right. Excellent value for money, too - I would recommend Clare to anyone.

Ali — Happy Customer

Looking for something unique?

You won't find mass-produced, high-street pieces here. We design and create unique jewellery tailored to you. If you have something in mind get in touch to discuss how we can make truly special jewellery just for you.

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